The Paranormal and Mental Illness

Psychic Attack

Following on from my post on the link between Paranormal Phenomena and Schizophrenia I have had numerous email asking for more information on mental illness and psychic attacks.

As a consequence, Ive been scouring the academic journals looking for some scholarly studies to cite. This has proved very difficult.

Yes, the paranormal is researched, a bit. Yes, mental illness is well covered, very well covered in fact.  But put the two together and I kept drawing blanks. That is until I contacted the parapsychologist, Michael Thalbourne. He reminded me of a well respected author who bravely did some research in this area.

The book is now out of print, but it is still available online through Amazon. You might like to check out the Hardcover version on Amazon.

The ESP Experience: A Psychiatric Validation by Jan Ehrenwald (1978).

Jan was a psychiatrist, born in Czechoslovakia, studied psychiatry in Prague, practiced in London and New York and died in 1988.

It is such a shame that we have to go back so far – over 30 years – to find a readable reference on this topic.

Anyway, there are 19 copies available through Amazon, starting at 99 cents. That seems cheap, given how rare the research is!

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