Even Poltergeists like Videos

Poltergiest or Poltergeist

What I love about this video, obviously captured on CCTV is the ordinariness of the scene.

Here’s guy going about his business of stacking the shelves in a video shop and something unseen decides to play with him.

Eventually, even he realizes that this is not just a matter of things falling off the shelves by themselves (or it could be just a coincidence I guess) and he freaks.

He’s out of that shop like a flash.

Beginning the Conversation

Do poltergeists exist? Of course they do.

There’s no sound associated with this video from the store but that’s probably because it is CCTV footage.

Traditionally, poltergeists are known for their noisiness and they’re usually found around children and young adults.

In this drama, however, the protagonist is the poltergeist and the foil is clearly the video shop attendant.

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