PEAR – Part 1

Psyleron – Princeton Mind-Matter Interaction Research from Psyleron on Vimeo.

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research – Scientific Research

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Project or PEAR as it was known stood head and shoulders above many other investigating paranormal centres. Here in this video the founder and the manager of the now closed Centre discuss the experiments and findings of the Lab.

Points from the PEAR Video:

  • in 1976, the Dean of School of Engineering at Princeton, Dr Robert Jahn was approached by a student who wanted to explore the impact of human intention on a mechanical device
  • the first research involved the random number generator (RNG) and the findings were inexplicable according to the currently understood laws of science
  • the results indicated there was a mind/object interface and potentially that interaction was two way
  • ‘I wouldnt believe it even if it was true’ (from a scientist)
  • couples get strong results than individuals when they have a close relationship with each other and they interact together with the RNG
  • further, the quality of the mind/machine interaction is independent of time and distance
  • the RNG  used in the initial experiments was a fast coin flipping machine and statistical analysis of the results showed that when the mind was intent on influencing the outcome of the experiment it could impact the RNG, making it less random
  • ultimately Dr John concluded that the chances of the results occurring randomly were 1:1 trillion!

Beginning the Conversation

The PEAR Lab has now closed. It was certainly a part of the purple patch in the study of the Paranormal while the Lab was fully operational. It opened in the late 70s and closed in 2007.

What will it take to get a facility like this up and running again? Do we need it? Perhaps it came to its natural conclusion and the world is once again reliant on the individual and smaller groups, with less funding to see that paranormal phenomena research continues.


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