Paranormal Researchers Downunder


There are few parapsychologists in the world – perhaps 50 people – who are involved in paranormal research. In Australia there are three academics that I am aware of who specialize in parapsychology.

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Coincidentally, I went to school with the first, Michael Thalbourne. He and his colleague Lance Storm are based at the University of Adelaide (also my alma mater).

The third academic is Hannah Jenkins, from the University of Tasmania, who was one of the examiners of my dissertation on spontaneous paranormal experiences. Like so many academics who study the paranormal, Hannah’s background is not in parapsychology but rather in philosophy. Hannah also has an occasional show on the University’s radio station.

I think the study of the paranormal dovetails beautifully into so many areas of study. I can easily see why it overlaps with philosophy and psychology. But these are not the only areas of study that harbour researchers with more than a passing interest in psi.

My lists of publications include an interesting array of academics. you might be interested in adding some of them to your To Do reading list.

I will explore this small band of academics in more detail in a future article but in the meantime, have you come across an academic who speaks with authority on the paranormal?

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