Paranormal Underground Interview

Paranormal Underground

Paranormal Underground Radio Interview

Paranormal Underground Radio Interview

Sometime ago – in fact I see it was as far back as December 2011, I spent a delightful afternoon being interviewed by Paranormal Underground.

The usual format is two interviewers and one guest but on this occasion it was just me and Rick Hale.

This is the first extended interview Ive done and as I never heard back from the blog producer I assumed they’d canned the whole thing. Not so, apparently.

My recollection is that the chat went for nearly two hours. So, I wouldn’t recommend listening to all of it.

Paranormal underground

Paranormal Underground

Paranormal Underground Interview

If you click this link here you’ll be taken to the page on the Underground site. The interview was far ranging but was based on the results of  the first round of my online, paranormal phenomena survey.

Paranormal Underground’s brief is to ‘explore the unexplained via free paranormal magazine, radio show, podcasts, forum, galleries, and more…’

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  • susan Jan 27, 2013, 5:07 am

    I have had a Doppelganger experience and would like to know and hear more about this very rara situation

    • Rosemary Breen Jan 27, 2013, 7:45 am

      Hi Susan

      Quite honestly I dont know a lot about this…and I suspect that, having experienced it yourself, you know more than I.

      I’ll leave this to the members of the community to reply.



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