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Who are Your Favorite Paranormal Consultants?

In addition to hosting the ongoing Paranormal Phenomena  Survey I’ve also conducted a number of surveys involving paranormal consultants.

My aim was to find out what independent experts like and don’t like about their current working arrangements. Some paranormal consultants work alone; some spend a lot of their time maintaining their web profile instead of using their gifts and talents to help others; others are shy and are not sure how to use social media etc to build their client base.

Most of us are aware of the clairvoyants, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists and mediums whose services are promoted through the large corporate websites.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wovox

However, these are not the only paranormal workers around.

There are numerous other consultants who are more likely to service their local communities than consult with someone half way around the world. This doesn’t mean they are any less good at what they do than the high profile celebrities we see on tv! Rather, they are just not as well known.

These are the paranormal consultants that I feel an affinity with. I believe it is their time to shine and with your help  perhaps this will become a reality.

If you are an independent paranormal consultant or you feel motivated to raise the profile of such a person  that you have dealt with then please let me know.

Leave Your Recommendations for Paranormal Consultants below

It’s very important that you leave a link to their website otherwise your post may not be published.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding on this.


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