3 Paranormal Blogs You Should Check Out

Three Other Paranormal Activity Blogs

There are so many blogs out there and even using search engines like Google or Bing won’t necessarily bring the best of them to the front page. There are other ways to search the net, such as using WeFollow http://wefollow.com but still the task can be onerous (unless you enjoy surfing for sufing’s sake that is). Below is a short list of blogs that I enjoy following.

1. Dean Radin

Dr. Dean Radin is one of the parapsychologists to check out. He knows his stuff and he is well credentialed. Dean has a background in music and has degrees in electrical engineering and psychology. He has worked in advanced telecommunications and on a classified program for the US Government. He is one of the most respected parapscychologists around. See what you think at http://deanradin.blogspot.com

2. Julie Beischel

Julie also has a scientific background. She has a degree in pharmacology and toxicology, with minors in microbiology and immunology. Julie now specialises in the study of human consciousness, and in particular the continuation of consciousness after death. Julie has established the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential in America and her work is highly regarded by othe parapsychologists. Visit Dr. Beischel’s blog at: http://drjuliebeischel.blogspot.com

3. Joseph McMoneagle

Joseph and his wife Mary (where have I heard those two names together before?) write a blog on intuitive intelligence. Nancy McMoneagle is an intuitive astrologer while John’s earlier career focused on intelligence – counter-terrorist, counter-intelligence operations, and remote intelligence-collection including repsonsibility for the research and development side of the STARGATE Project. To find out more, visit http://www.mceagle.com/blog

What are your Favourite Paranormal Blogs?

There are loads of blogs out there but they tend to be sensational. How do you like your paranormal blogs – serious and authoritative or irreverent and fun? Lets build a list below and see.

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