Really Dead or Nearly Dead?

Near Death Experiences – Cases from Raymond Moody

Dr Raymond Moody is a psychologist and a GP. He is also the author of several books on the topic of NDE including:

Through his ongoing research, Raymond Moody has identified a number of attributes that each near death experience may include. These characteristics, and the qualities that those who have returned to life report include:

  • hearing sounds – buzzing
  • a feeling of peace, lightness and painlessness
  • having met people, often dead relatives
  • a sense of moving through a tunnel and emerging into the light
  • returning with different life values
  • meeting a spiritual being such as an angel or God
  • heightened sensitivity
  • having done a review of this life
  • floating out of the body – the OBE experience
  • no fear of death
  • an overwhelming sense of bliss, and
  • a reluctance to return to this life

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Beginning the Conversation

Plenty of people reported their own experiences in my thesis research and their personal encounters of the zone between life and death encompassed most, if not all, of the qualities which Moody’s research has identified.

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