Dream Meaning

From Roderick: I often had dreams of snakes chasing me, but never biting me. Sometimes the snakes are as large as buildings and sometimes they are small. I also have dreams of someone, or something chasing me, but I can never see what it is. It’s always dark. What do these dreams mean?

I’m not a dream expert – except from the viewpoint of experiencing them myself. And of course, opinion differs on whether dreams are paranormal of not.

There are a couple of things you might like to look at. First, if you feel the images are symbolic then check out a few books on the subject – Amazon perhaps.

Secondly, however, if you feel that you actually have the answer inside yourself (and who knows ourselves better than us?) then perhaps go inward and see what you come up with.

I guess another option is that you may actually be frightened of snakes.

Has anyone more to add that could help Roderick?

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