Life After Life

The following is a life after life extract from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

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My father died early in the morning, last year, in hospital. He had been ill for some time, but the end was actually quite sudden hence I could not be there in time. As I was driving through the night to his home, I felt as though he may be in the car with me and started to cry. I kept telling him that everything was okay now, he was at peace – he had many problems in life and I felt he was trapped before he died, but now he was free. I also was so sorry that I had not managed to see him before he died, on that day – (I had seen him 3 days previously).

I asked him for a sign that would let me know he was not angry. I decided the most appropriate sign would be a fire-engine with blue lights flashing, in his home county – the fire service that he had served with and had been an important part of his life.

All day I was in and around that area and saw nothing. I heard sirens and would look out the window, but they were ambulances or police. I arranged with the hospital mortuary to view his body that afternoon. As I drove into the city and around the one way system, just before turning into the hospital, there was a fire engine with the blue lights flashing.

I felt like he was telling me – here’s your sign, don’t worry, it’s okay and I’m okay – trying to console me before I saw his body.

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First Response

Have you ever bargained with God or similar, especially in times of distress? I have. It doesn’t always work but it seems worth the try at the time. There are circumstances when we need comfort and even though it might not always be rational the response, as for the writer above, can be very comforting.

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