IADC (Induced After Death Communication)

Conversations with the Dead

In the above video, the psychotherapist Allan Botkin and some of his patients talk about induced conversation with those who live in the afterlife.

Mmm. What do I think about this? I feel fairly certain that it is possible to bring on conversations with the dead. I’m happy to go along with this but what about actually inducing them.

Do we have a right to summons the dead for our own health and healing? Does this action interfere with their own existence beyond the grave and do they have a right to deny us access to them? I would hope the answer is yes, to the last question. Yes, they have free will and no they are not there at our back and call.

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That model of the world and the afterlife sits well with me. How about you?

Beginning the Conversation

Do we have the right to access the dead? If you think we do, then are there rules and codes of behaviour that need to be heeded? Are they same as apply here on earth and who ‘polices’ them?

Please leave your thoughts on the rights of the deceased and the responsibilities of those who are living who summons the dead. I’d be interested to see what you think.

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