Spirits Evolving by Lee Channing (Jan 2012)

I’ve been a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter for a while now and have enjoyed her insights. Long story short, I approached Lee and asked permission to print part of her newsletter for my readers. So, here is that extract. Let me know what you think. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Lee’s work and I know Lee will welcome the feedback too!

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Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

January 2012

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Growing Spiritually

Welcome to what has been destined to be an interesting year to say the least.  2012, OH NO!  Is it the end of the world as we know it?  What will happen since the calendars of many civilizations end?  If you’ve read any of the predictions (and they’re hard to miss), worries abound. Some very serious, frightening scenarios are playing over and over in the minds of many.

In my opinion, we need to let those worries gently float away. If the Earth is going to dramatically shift on its axis, what can we do?  Nothing in a physical sense. But, I believe we all support this planet – our combined spirits do much to keep it from simply shaking us all off (as it easily could).

We all need to continue to be compassionate, fearless, and focused on our spiritual growth. If we can do that, this year will be filled with learning instead of drama, love instead of fear.  Can major earth shifts happen? More wars? Continued economic issues? Of course, but worrying and having that doom and gloom attitude is not going to stop any of those things, in fact it will invite them closer. Let each of us be as positive and as powerful as possible and see what the new year brings.

The year will begin with a very clear month – clear intellectually and emotionally if you allow the energy surrounding you to permeate your energy field. Trust yourself and know that you can see things ever so clearly if you will only look. You must continue to learn to trust your instincts, your intuition and give less energy to your habitual thoughts about life in general.  Be open, be aware, and enjoy each day.

The energy color for January is yellow. We haven’t had a pure yellow month for a very long time. I just realized that 2011 did not offer us any yellow months so I’d better review the meaning of yellow in our lives.

The color yellow is associated with the energy center located in the solar plexus. It is the center that demands clear thinking and objectivity at all costs. When this center is out of balance, frustration and moodiness rule, so try to keep all in balance.  To balance this center you need to work on thought control – keeping your thoughts clear and positive, personal power, and detachment. If you’re having a bad day, you will undoubtedly be irritated, frustrated, critical and maybe even intellectually angry (as opposed to emotionally angry – different energy).

Your digestive system is quite activated in this energy flow, so watch your diet carefully possibly adding extra oatmeal and brown rice if you feel the need. Your pancreas is also in this area, so make sure to keep close track of your blood sugar if that is a problem area for you (diabetes, etc.). Your sense of sight is the highlighted sense, so look around you and decide what you can do to make your environment more comfortable – focus on what you see, not what you hear or feel or smell.  Interesting process to work with your sense of sight – have fun with it being highly active.

The energy hint for January is to grab every ounce of adventure and joy you can find in your life. Odd that the word “adventure” kept popping into my intuitive mind as I contemplated this month, not a word that I use regularly.

I have faith that January will be quite an adventure for most of us, and I look forward to that – rather have adventure than disaster, maybe disaster is when adventure goes too far… food for thought for a wandering mind.

Relationships: A good time to seek counseling in any relationship that needs extra support. Find a good professional counselor or ask a trusted friend for advice.  Your mind may be more active than your heart, so take care not to blurt out thoughts at inappropriate times – think and feel your way through conversations with those closest to you.

Finances: A time to see your financial issues more clearly than ever. The benefit of this clarity is that you can focus on creating a healthier picture day by day. Work to “clear” out your old debts and have a good focus for 2012 in your financial world.


End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Beginning the Conversation

Well Lee. You offer us hope and encourage us to play and be adventurous. Indeed, not a word I associate with my recent life. Where did my sense of adventure go? Once, I used to travel the world, engrossed, oblivious to its threats and woes. Now, I live surrounded by four walls and supported by the infrastructure of the Western way of living.

I look forward to throwing off these structures – but not yet. In the meantime, I will keep the word adventure upmost in my mind and see what plays out in January. Will you be adding this word to your 2012?

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