Spirits Evolving by Lee Channing (Feb 2012)

I’ve been a subscriber to Lee Channing’s newsletter for a while now and have enjoyed her insights. Long story short, I approached Lee and asked permission to print part of her newsletter for my readers. So, here is that extract. Let me know what you think. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Lee’s work and I know Lee will welcome the feedback too!

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Growing Spiritually


Change of Heart Poster (Version 2)

Begin Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

February 2012

February is a month demanding balance and harmony above all else. If you can find new ways to organize your needs, they can and should be met more easily than in the recent past. If you flail around in an emotional turmoil, you’ll feel bored, drained, and stuck in a rut.

Find new ways to stimulate yourself – exercise, relax regularly, interact with nature at every opportunity even if that’s only a short walk through the grass. A vacation would be great, but if that’s not possible, do find those relaxing hours (days?) we all need. If you find yourself feeling guilty or resentful, you must release those feelings very quickly or they’ll destroy any sense of well-being you have.

The downside of the energy this month is that guilt and resentment will sneak in to most people’s lives much too often. Replace guilt with appreciation and resentment with understanding.

The energy color for February is green – a vibrant green which emanates from your heart center. As most of you know, green is indicative of emotional stimulation in that heart center and it can mean a time of being overly emotional.

What you must remember is that it doesn’t have to be a painfully emotional time. Feeling your emotions, deciding what to do with emotions that “hurt” is actually a powerful opportunity for growth. Release any emotional blocks – trust your feelings – be yourself, your most feeling self, and you will learn much about your emotional well-being this month.

Let this be a month filled with much joy and peace of mind. That is possible even in such an emotionally charged atmosphere.

The energy hint for February is to open your heart center and open it wide. No fear, no panic. Take a good look at your emotional well-being and steady yourself for change. It is time. Many people will be able to not only control their unwanted emotions, but see what needs to be changed in their emotional selves (and actually make those changes). Feel your way through your days.


There will be much movement and change in our closest relationships this month. Don’t try to control another, but remember to try to control your own emotions. Emotional outbursts will cause a great deal of trouble for everyone. Be calm at all costs.


Matters of great financial importance may take on an emotional side that will not be beneficial in any way. Try to clear your emotional slate before dealing with any financial issues.



End Excerpt from Speaking Spiritually by Lee Channing

Beginning the Conversation

I sometimes find that I’m ahead of the game (and often time more behind – but that is another story) and, in this instance Lee’s guidance on the month to come “find new ways to stimulate yourself” is a case in point.

I have just tried out for a choir – my first ever choir. They encourage new members to attend a few rehearsals before committing but we are down to perform Dvorak’s Requiem in April. This is a challenge for me as Im undecided whether Im a First Alto or a Soprano even. Then, there is the tricky bits about not jumping lines on the music score. I tend to drift between the top of each group of four lines to the second line and back. Still, early days!

I’ve also joined a Philosophy class and we spent two hours discussing the nature of wisdom. All good fun! So, Lee I am on the Universe’s page.

Continuing the Conversation

I know my heart is in for a big work out this month. I can feel it. What about everyone else?

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