Old and New Ghosts

Ghosts – Old and New

Not being British I hadnt caught up with the program Fortean TV until recently.

In the video above there are two interviews with people who, to me, seem sincere and honest in their belief that they have encountered apparitions.

The first couple are elderly but their sighting was confirmed by locals in the village near where they encountered what looked like a monk.

The second interview is more interesting as it raises the question of ghosts appearing immediately after death. Presumably, this is when they are the most traumatized, having been only recently and often violently discharged from their physical bodies. This video doesn’t explain whether the ghost is continuing his life pattern or has sought out the man interviewed. Maybe both scenarios occur for different reasons and under different circumstances.

Beginning the Conversation

I had a friend ‘visit’ a few hours before she died. She lived a 1,000 miles away and had never visited our house. So, she visited to say goodbye and her’s was an expected death. She wasn’t continuing her life pattern as such (except for being thoughtful).

Continuing the Conversation

Have you been visited in similar circumstances? If you have, please share your experiences and insights below.

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