Evidence of Reincarnation

The following is an extract on evidence of reincarnation from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

Blessing my Dear
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I had picked up on a life as a nun who drowned coming back across in a boat from Mont St Michel in France to the mainland.

It was a very detailed life and I knew the buildings very well, but not in this life. When my husband and I travelled to France he wanted to check it out. I was reluctant as thought it unreal. I described to him as we walked along the causeway towards the Mont that used to leave by a secret doorway in the side of the building, down a steep path. I left in secret as I was illustrating bibles there and women were not supposed to be in the monastery as it was then.

I could not spot this door nor the pathway and got quite upset and gave up. But my husband being over a foot taller than me kept looking and spotted both the pathway and the door outlined in the brickwork. He had to shove me up the bank in order to see it and I got really upset thinking I could not have made it up, I could not even see it in this life!

I had told him where my body had washed up on the shore and he asked a local fisherman near the waters edge where flotsam washed up and he pointed to the exact area I had written down 10 years before. I did not even try to find the nunnery in the local village from where I had come from, I had enough and left feeling vindicated but upset.

As I walked along the causeway and boy was arguing in english with his dad “its not a castle its a monastery” said the father “but it was when I was here, I was a soldier” the boy said really angry and upset. That triggered the other memory of St Michel, of my coming back and staying there in a hospital on way home from the Crusades, and rather overwhelmed by now, I stopped and called to the boy “it was a castle, and I too was there as a soldier!” he laughed and looked so relieved and his father astonished.

I shouted after them “never let them tell you that you are wrong, that you dont know, you do, always” and I was in tears by then and I am now as I write this.

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The Beginning the Conversation

This account gives me goosebumps. It is the sort of narrative that the late Ian Stevenson, psychiatrist and parapsychologist, and the grandfather of reincarnation studies, would probably have relished following up on. Although he tended to focus on past life recall amongst Asian populations, including India and Sri Lanka, and in particular accounts given by children there is probably enough in this testimony to warrant investigation.

Some of us have had personal glimpses into other times but these insights are usually fleeting – enough to make us stop and reflect – but too light on detail to follow up on.

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