The Premonition

About Premonitions Carolyn asks:

I have dreams that come true.

I seemed to have inherited this from my mom. How do I figure out which ones will happen?

It drives me crazy if I have a strange or tragic dream.

Tell me how I know.

Beginning the Conversation

Dear Carolyn

How do you know before the event? Great question! A hundred thoughts are running through my head but essentially they are:

  • What is the feel, the quality of the dream? Those who have premonition dreams often talk about a different quality being present and, so for you, the trick will be to start monitoring and assessing and comparing the quality of the dreams that do come true and those that don’t;
  • Then, there is the universal query about whether we can influence the future and actually will things into and out of existence. Is it possible that your dreams can do this? I don’t have the answer to this and I’m not sure that anyone does;
  • And, there is the big question of whether all events are actually happening at the same time –  and, in essence, there is no past, present and no future.

Obviously, the last two thoughts are just my philosophical outpourings Carolyn, but in looking through the survey I found a few experiences that may help you.


Some Quotes from the Paranormal Survey About the Quality of a Dream and the Prediction Therein

  • When a dream causes me to wake-up and I’m feeling an intense emotion, then I know that I’ve been “told” something important. Thing is, these are usually symbolic in nature, but I’ve learned to listen to what they tell me…because ALL of them have come true so far……
  • All of a sudden I started going to bed terrified. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why either. I kept telling myself I was being stupid and trying to ignore the fear. I then started having dreams…….
  • these were of surprising clarity and more than just the 4 mentioned. I am sure that they are more than gut feelings (they play like a movie before my eyes……
  • I would like to start out by saying that I have premonitions, but not the ordinary kind. When I get them, they start out as an overwhelming fear or gut feeling. It will go on for days and days. I’ll have dreams about it, and it just always sits on the front of my mind. I cant think about anything else. Its always there until it comes to happen….

Carolyn, I’m sure other members of the forum will add suggestions below.

And, for more Survey Results on Premonitions please go to Dream Meanings

Continuing the Conversation

Please share your thoughts on how to distinguish between a dream and the premonition dream by leaving a post below.

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