Demons and Other Evil Spirits


From a member: I just want to see if you have had any feedback from other members regarding any encounters with Demons. I have!

The Experience

Last Wednesday evening, around 6:00PM I was woken by, what could only be described as extremely loud hissing, snarling and growling, coming from the right hand bottom of my bed.

As it was only 6:00PM there was plenty of light, yet all I could see was black. In all my years I have never had such an encounter.

My wife and daughter did not hear the sounds, which were quite loud from my perspective.

Strangely enough I was not scared and  the “Demon” or whatever it was, moved on.

A rather interesting and educational experience from my perspective!!

Beginning the Conversation

I took this opportunity to search the experiences documented in the first round survey and yes, there are references to demons. Below are a number of extracts and links to other experiences that are recorded here at Psychic Revolution.

Unlike the experience above, it seems more people associate demonic figures with evil.

Read on to see the other side of the demon.

A few experiences: Seeing numbers on clocks on a regular basis which end up being life changing events (Ex. 11:11 on clocks, at the time 21 yrs. old was going thru a depression, felt it meant new beginnings. I said I was sorry to God for some things and a white cloud came down & my knees buckled, from then on the light was on.)

The date that this happened was 11/01/99. Many years later I saw 9:11 on clocks on a regular basis, felt something bad was going to happen. It stopped the day before my brother killed himself. Five minutes before I got the phone call I said aloud to myself life is going so good something bad is about to happen.

Interestingly enuf my bro was born on 11/11/80. It’s been four years since and I have just in the last several months been seeing 9:11 again & am scared because I haven’t seen it in four years and am scared of what tragedy is about to befall me next.

At 23 years old I was making bad choices and kept seeing 4:44 on clock which meant judgement & one bad thing after another happened, growing consistently worse with each new consequence until I made the needed changes then I stopped seeing 4:44.

I have gazed into mirrors and seen things around/in my face at different times (people & yellow light and darkness). I have been punched in the stomach and it knocked the breath out of me while in a attic where negative spirits were channeled, a moment after I said they were shutting it down at 18.

I have prayed to God and felt a overwhelming joy/light like no earthly experience.

I have had visions and been spooked by demons in visions while praying in a house where there’s alot of negativite energy & it scared the crap out of me!

I have experienced an exorcism first hand (could have been from the attic). I have been prayed for by several people and felt chains dropping off of my body. I could literly feel them.

There’s more but it’s hard to explain it all. I am an INFP or ENFP 50/50% (personality type).

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I seen a demon – that what priests described as allowing itself to be seen to me.  It followed me around for couple years periodicly showing itself now and then.

My aunt seen it with me the first time I seen it. She will never forget what she seen.

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I was living as an au pair for a family who had recently moved into an older house in ….

From my first night there, when I felt someone was peeking at me from behind a corner while I lay down to sleep, I (and some of the family) experienced strange things.

The father was woken up by someone stomping up the stairs, on the first night I was there, and asked me about it the next morning. Not me.

The two year old son would wake up screaming every night between 1-2 am. The four year old son told his mother “don’t let the lady come out of the ceiling tonight”.

I experienced a strange continuous sexiness and I do not want to go into it in detail here but I behaved very differently from my usual self while in that house, such as never before or since. I later realise I must have been possessed.

The father of the family became frighteningly mean and raging ala The Shining. I believe he too was possessed. I used to see fleeting glimpses of someone passing by the door of my room, but there was never anyone outside in the hallway (which was a dead end in the direction the figure would go).

The plumbing was consistently breaking down in the master bathroom. There was a continuous whistling in the basement, even on perfectly still days, of which I could never pinpoint the source. A neighbor asked me if I experienced strange things in that house and I said “No – why?” and he told me it was a haunted house.

There had been a murder there. I asked “where in the house?” and he told me “the master bedroom”. Many years later, having researched hauntings and possessions (I later experienced another possession) I came to the conclusion there was a demonic presence in the house, along with some other spirits who were being held there.

I know this sounds like the movie Poltergeist but it actually happened and I often wonder about the family and how they fared after my 2 month stay with them.

I have had senses of entities all my life, but since that event I have never attempted contact with ‘the other side’ having experienced something taking over my body and mind, and making me do things I would never do.

Elsewhere on the Net

In an effort to bring more of the Internet to Psychic Revolution here is a video on demons.

Continuing the Conversation

Certainly, in the original survey there are a number of references to demons. I’m unsure how people choose whether to use the words demon, devil or evil spirit to describe their encounters. I’ve never had this experience and so don’t know what I’d call it.

Whatever you call it, have you ever seen, heard or felt a demon? Please share your experiences below. Have your experience of the demon been benign or malevolent?

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