Deathbed Visions or Brainwave Malfunctions?

The following is an extract on deathbed visions from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

Self Eighteen
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One morning I woke to hear my name being called. Sleepily I rubbed my eyes and realized that my aunt was standing in my doorway of my bedroom dressed in a floral print sweater and a dark skirt. “…” I heard my Aunt … call my name once again.

As I sat up I was wondering why she was in my home, I had only moved there about three months earlier and didn’t even realized she knew where my new house was located. Again, I hear my name… “…, It didn’t hurt, I didn’t hurt at all.”

As I sat there still trying to wake up and trying to understand what she’s trying to tell me I suddenly remember that she had died three days earlier by overdosing on pills and this was the morning of her funeral! In shock and in start and morbid reality I start to scream and right before my eyes, she disappeared. I have no idea what her message meant. I’ve wondered many times. I don’t know if her spirit is confused by what happened that day she died. I just don’t know. This incident really scared me.

When I went to the funeral later that day, she was wearing the same outfit that she had on in my doorway that morning.

The Beginning of a Conversation

Why do some of our loved ones visit us after death? Are they caring for us or completing some unfinished business for themselves? Many people report that they have found such a visit comforting but this was not the case for the experient above.

Recently, I was visited by a friend – before she passed over – and because this felt so natural I wasn’t afraid. Of course, I didnt know that she was about to die but I was certainly comforted by her stopping by (she lived 1000 kms away) to say goodbye. I also remember thinking how ‘in character’ this gesture was. In life, she always was mindful of other’s needs and in the lead up to her passing she was no different. RIP D!

Why do loved ones visit us around the time of their death? Is it something they need to do before passing over? Are they tying off their last loose ends? Or are they just saying I care?

What do you think?

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