Bilocation or Doppelganger?

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seeing double


I suppose I ought to be totally confused! I have what appears to be an alter ego or perhaps an avatar over which I have no control.

Apparently mine appears in a very corporeal form to the lady who loves me very dearly and under other circumstances would be my lover. At the time she was 400 miles away in a small village in Hampshire. I was certainly solid enough that I could be kissed passionately!

No part of my consciousness was joined to this… which was frustrating as I would dearly loved to have been a part of this activity!

Yesterday, my wife saw me where I couldn’t possibly have been, carrying the same bright green bag (complete with a shirt hanging out over the top of the bag). It could only have been made and the only problem was, I wasn’t there (not consciously anyway)! I can explain away my almost-lover’s experience as possibly a wish fulfilment hallucination, although I have to say she comes across as the rational, normally speaking, that I have to stretch a point to imagine her hallucinating in this way. However, she is very deeply in love with me and this merited things over the edge (so to speak).

It is tempting to suppose there was trying to make up some sort of story to cover up being seen were I shouldn’t be, to my wife, but I promise you that I had nothing to gain from being where I was spotted, nor any ‘no good’ I could have been up to!

The rather strange things going on, in the last few months I have developed a healing ability and I seem to have the beginnings of a telepathic ability. Any explanation will be greatly appreciated!

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