Angel of Death

The following is an angel of afterlife extract on death from the surveys completed for my Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia.

Angel Statue
Creative Commons License photo credit: E V Peters

When I was nine, my grandmother, age 48 was dying of cancer. She knew it would be that day and gathered everyone around her to say goodbye. She was not scared, she was a devout Christian, and knew where she was going.

She would often doze that night, and we would all wait to see if that breath was her last. She took a deep breath, and my grandad looked up, so did we (there was approx. 20 people in the room) My grandmother went to Heaven in the arms of Two angels. We all saw them.

First Response

What an extraordinary account of such a personal moment. Is this a unique experience in modern times? Certainly, in the first round of surveys on paranormal  phenomena this is one of only a handful of accounts involving angels

Down through the centuries the angel, in all it forms, has been openly portrayed in art, documented in the literature and accepted as part of life. Yet, I wonder, how many people today  would actually call upon them in times of crisis and expect them to appear?

There seems little reason to doubt the integrity of this account and the probability that it can be corroborated by such a large number of witnesses only adds to its credibility.

The Christian Angel, the Hebrew Angel of Death, and the Islamic Angel

So, do we only materialise angelic beings in our hour of need and if so, do they take on the form that supports our own religious beliefs and convictions?

Join the Conversation on the Angel of Death and the Stages of Dying

I was brought up in the Catholic religion but have never encountered an angelic being. Have you seen your angel lately?

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