Reincarnation Stories

Reincarnation Stories or Tales from Another Era?

The following paranormal phenomena statements are reincarnation stories extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Other extracts are available here at Afterlife.

I once had a dream about one of my “past lives”. I still don’t know if I believe in past lives or not though. Anyhow, I dreamt that I was a woman back in the mid. 1600’s, and that I had children. In the dream, I was accused of being a pagan and that my children were drowned right in front of me and I was beat and ultimately burned alive. One symbol from my dream that really stands out to me, is a basket full of red rubies…I didn’t consider this to be paranormal at all, and I still hardly do, but years after the dream, I went and saw a psychic at … for kicks. She told me about myself in a past life, and described my dream.
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Since an early age (around two years old), I have always felt that I lived a previous life in England (I am an American). I can’t really explain why, expect to say that I have always felt a great affinity for England and seem to “know” things about the country’s history and life there, though I have never been to the country nor have I studied much about its history.
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at Home … Canada We had a dining room set with 8 chairs, the chairs were basic style with a curving top. from a young age, (two) i was impelled to stand on a chair and lay my head (or neck) across the curve, and i was always muttering to myself when i was little. My mother caught me numerous times and finally inquired about my need to lie my neck over the curve of the chair. i told her “i was waiting for my gaoler”. not ‘jailor’ And, i always knew it was spelled that way (I taught myself to read at age three). That was enough for her and she took me down from the chair. She was scared, i could tell by the tone of her voice and she asked me about it. I told her; “It was about the same time as now. and I knew it would come sooner or later ,If i’m punished i go as truthful as i be”.

Whatever i went through in that life took place in Feburary and i had a nice dress, really heavy though. and i felt near the end that contempt was my crime. funny enough i wondered if i had enough money to pay the piper. (this still, intrigues me) my mother, in later years repeated to me she was shocked to hear such an old statement from a child.

it was then, she realized that this reincarnation thing had to be real, for she had seen it herself. I KNOW that I was beheaded and dragged off in a wheelbarrow with no service or such. i feel sad about it. that my accuser, was guilty of 100 times more crime. ps. never been to England
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The summer after my father’s death my mother and I went to England to visit. Her parents came from the midlands to this country at the turn of the century. We were there for three weeks and visited many places. I felt as if I had been there before, especially West Minister Abbey (where I could feel the souls) and Stonehenge where I felt the mysticism. I felt comfortable there.
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My husband and I went to visit a local castle in 1995. when we went in I got a very strong memory of standing looking down a grate in the floor into a prison cell.

I here was a man with dark curly hair and very piercing blue eyes. he was wearing a leather waistcoat and a dirty white shirt with a narrow blue srtipe in it and had his sleeves rolled up. He was looking up at me and the group of friends I was with. My friends and I were all children of about 7 or 8 years old. I can remember wearing a white and blue striped dress with a broad red sash around my wait. my hair is straight and long and very blond. I can’t see my friends faces, but we are all giggling because we know we shouldn’t be in here and we are all a little bit scared on the man in the cell.

There are marks on the wall too where someone seems to have marked the days off. My husband went into this room and confirmed there was a grate in the floor that went into an ubliette type cell, but it had a door in the outside wall. I felt this door shouldn’t be there and was a later addition.

In the meantime I asked the guide if he had been there when our school had visited when I was about 7 as I could remember being in here very clearly. He laughed and said the castle had been derelict and no visitors had been here at this time, I got quite upset with him as I knew I had been there, but he remains adamant that there was no-way i could have been in the castle then to get those memories.

The castle has in recent years been noted for its ghosts and was one of the first locations used for a quite well known tv programme. All of these happenings occured before I knew of any of the things that people have since made very public.
– end of reincarnation stories extract -

Again, the experiences are too numerous to mention briefly. As an infant I had flashbacks of previous lives. Particularly when visiting … at age 5 months. The old fort reminded me of another time. I only realized maybe 8 years ago when I saw an image of the Jerusalem walled ‘fort’ once on an Easter program. That was it! Also in …, Jan. of ’55 we rode in a horse-drawn carriage & I had many memories of doing it before & always loving it.
– end of reincarnation stories extract -

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7 Responses to “Reincarnation Stories”

  1. nakayama 2015-02-26


    1. The present is a special (moving) point in long length (long segment) of time.
    2. “To me”, existence of I is a special (peculiar, unique, only one) existence.
    3. “To me”, the span of years in which I live (my lifetime) is a special span.
    4. “To me”, overlap of 1 and 3 is unthinkable, unimaginable (if life is only once).
    5. Answer to 4, after death, existence of I will revive. Thus, life will be eternal. Also it must be the same for all.

    P.S. Sorry, I cannot receive E – mail. I don’t have PC.

    • Rosemary Breen 2015-02-27

      Nakayama Thank you for contributing to the forum.

      Im sorry that I dont fully understand what you are saying – even though your english is excellent.

      Are you referring to reincarnation but from a more scientific viewpoint perhaps?



  2. Lives of the Dead 2014-07-18

    Hi Rosemary,

    Thanks for your kind words. Since I’ve been getting these narratives, I’ve started to read a lot more about reincarnation and lives between lives, and certainly the tone and the kind of information I’m getting jibes with what others have written. Whether that means anything, I don’t know! :D I’m not making any absolute claims because how could I (or anyone) actually know? I can only say what it feels like based on how they come to me, and what others (who know better than I do, and who have been doing this kind of thing longer) tell me.

    As for why they come to me, it might be because I have a really deep interest in human emotions and all the filters we have that prevent us from seeing the truth (i.e. fear, insecurity, prejudice, etc.) I am not sure I could have/would have felt any compassion for some of these people in real life, but I am able to accept them with all their flaws in this way. Maybe because it’s purely theoretical? Honestly, I’m still asking myself these very questions.

    But, I do think the stories are interesting and offer insight not only into others but also — hopefully — into ourselves. I think everyone who reads these can recognize a little bit of someone they know (maybe even him/herself) in a few of these narrators. I sure do! :D

    • Rosemary Breen 2014-07-19

      Indeed, there are more similarities than difference between us all. Are you keeping a separate thread of how these stories are impacting you? I think that would be an interesting record to keep in tandem with the self-reports coming through – although it would be a lot more work too.

      Now, what can I say about truth? I think it is subjective and therefore maybe in its purest form it doesn’t really exist. Is that too controversial of a thinking-out-loud statement to write? I guess I can always censure myself later LOL. The beauty of a blog, I think you’d agree.

      We shall see.



  3. LIves of the Dead 2014-07-15

    A few months ago, I was meditating regularly with the hope of having an OBE. After doing this for a couple of weeks, something strange began to happen: dead people started telling me their life stories (at least that’s what it feels like.) Words and images pop into my head, unbidden, sometimes with alarming clarity and they don’t let go until I write them down. After I’d filled half a notebook, I thought I should share them on a blog.

    I don’t think of myself as a medium. I am first and foremost a writer but these are not in my usual writing style (which leans towards the sarcastic/ humorous.) So if I AM channeling, maybe the deceased have chosen to speak to me precisely BECAUSE I am a writer, and therefore have the skills to best express their stories.

    Regardless of where they are originating (inside my head or out), they are interesting and poignant tales. The narrators are from so many walks of life and various cultures. I’m always surprised by them, and find myself looking at others with a lot more compassion. That’s the main reason, I feel these stories need to be shared.

    I invite you to have a look, and if you think they might be helpful, use them as you will – for inspiration, for teaching, for personal reading, for meditation. Acting students have even been using them as monologues! (If you want to know how the whole thing started, read from the very beginning.)

    I am grateful that the stories keep on coming. I’ve scheduled the blog to post every three days to give subscribers a chance to chew on each narrative for a while. If you enjoy these narratives, please come back and visit often. Better yet, follow the blog or sign up to receive posts via email so you don’t miss any! (They just keep getting more interesting and more detailed!)

    Hope you enjoy. (Feedback welcome via the blog: or facebook page:


    • Rosemary Breen 2014-07-17

      Hi Adrienne

      There can be no doubt about your writing ability; it’s wonderful.

      As to whether this is why you have been chosen – it wouldn’t do any harm to ask the voices coming through, I guess.

      It may be, as you have said, you inadvertently opened yourself to this while working towards OBEs.

      Why do these spirits want their stories told Adrienne, I wonder? A friend of mine here in Australia is a member of a program that visits the dying, to do exactly what you are doing – record their life story before they die. I can see this would be cathartic for the living; is it the same for the deceased? Again, would be interesting to know. I would also be keen to understand whether this process releases them from the physical world or re-enforces their bond to this life.

      Ive left the tab open with your blog on it and will return to explore more.

      Nice to meet you Adrienne.


      • Anne Morgan 2014-07-17

        Hi Adrienne and Rosemary

        What an interesting post and very close to my heart.

        I recognised the messages coming through your communications with the souls in spirit, Adrienne, and applaud you for taking on this work. I have read your blog and signed up for updates. You are helping these souls to get information back to the physical world, and who knows, maybe the people they have left behind will “accidentally” pick up their messages in this age of mass communication. Stranger things have happened.

        Your message from the martyr I found most touching. I have long sent healing thoughts to such misguided people who must find it such a shock to realise how deceived they were to accept the martyr’s mission only to find that they had accomplished nothing. If you could spread this information through your various writings to an ignorant world, maybe there will be less needless killing and personal sacrifice.

        My feelings are that you are a magnet now for souls who realise that their life contract was not fulfilled but will do better next time round on earth, and also to people here reading your blogs, you give the message that not all short, unhappy and painful lives are a punishment, the soul making the sacrifice so that others may learn in the current incarnation to become better in the next life/incarnation.

        I had to smile as I read your blog posts because I could visualise spirit people queuing up to give you their stories, almost like fans trying to get an autograph from a celebrity.

        Keep it up. There are many more waiting for you to get the message across that there is life before and after earthly sojourn and much more meaningful too.

        Blessed be. Anne.


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